product image techniques for better sales

The Product Image Strategy Formula 👑

Includes Exclusive 10 Product Image
That Will Make You Sales

The single most important design research, ideation and execution process that has helped 100’s of e-commerce businesses deliver high-converting story driven product images online – all documented in this exclusive hand book.


By Omar Farook

CEO & Co-Founder of Glorify App

Make your products rise from
the deep blue sea 🌊

Coronavirus and Stock Market

How Omar Succeeded in E-Com by using Imagery

Learn how Omar sold out all his stock on Amazon in no-time on his first launch by using product images!

Product image techniques e-book

The Art of Story Driven Product Images

Products without story is undifferentiated, and undifferentiated products have a lot of competition


the 6 Milestones of Product Image Strategy

This formula is a process that any entrepreneur can learn to increase perceived value when launching a product

Step 2

Exclusive 10 Product Image Tricks

Techniques that will make your product’s look irresistible – anyone can apply them without help from pro’s.

Who is Omar Farook?

Omar Farook is the co-founder of Glorify App and a London based digital designer + entrepreneur, who has helped 100’s of e-commerce startups increase their conversions through strategic branding and product image design. 

Omar started his entrepreneurship journey with the Amazon FBA business model, where unlike most people, he had the added advantage of being able to design his own product images. His product images had such an impact on customers that it lead him to sellout his stock in no-time.
From the back of this first business, Omar started his design agency, Mozayc, which went on to serving over 100 e-commerce startups and helped 80% of them become successful upon launch by making daily sales. 10% of them went onto reaching breakthrough success and have continued to grow their customer-base and online ranking.

Ready to use product imagery as your biggest strategy?

If you want to achieve breakthrough success with today’s ocean of competitors that exists in saturated marketplaces like Amazon, you need to present your products in a way that not only exhibits it’s genius design, but how it will make a difference in your life.

This ebook will not only help you understand how to achieve this, but how you can go about owning the whole process without the help of expensive designers!


Product Image Strategy Formula Ebook ⚡

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product image techniques for better sales