Glorify public API docs

Integrate your own tool or platform into Glorify's app marketplace, as well as integrate Glorify into your own self hosted platform.

What can you build?

Glorify 2.0 brings a completely scalable user experience with many options to allow 3rd party platforms to establish integrations directly with Glorify. We have divided them into 4 types:

  • Stock Integrations​

    Integrate your own library of graphic assets, such as images, mockups and templates.

  • Design Tools

    Integrate your own complimentary design tool inside Glorify in the form of an accessible widget. This can have an effect on the properties of any of our basic elements, or it can be an element created by a 3rd part with it's own unique properties.

  • Productivity

    Create share integrations that allows the ability to access our user's downloadable projects directly on your platform, as well as send data to our platform to optimize workflow.

  • Analytics

    Integrations that send marketing content, created by users, to 3rd party platforms that measures performance in different data formats, and allows access to that data directly from Glorify.

The roadmap

We will be testing the API accessibility with a few handpicked 3rd party platforms first. After the roadmap below has been completed you will be informed about the release of a comprehensive API documentation. 

Check out the full roadmap

Glorify public API docs are coming soon

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